FOR-002 :: Pegataur - Eternal Flight
1. The Dual Becoming
2. Lesser Bow of the Herdsman
3. Terror Arrow
4. The Weeping Quiver

5. Vision of the Falcon Priest
6. Shadow Ghost

7. Scourge of the Stars
8. Lord Solomon's Eyes
9. Divine Young Horse
10. Inner Man
11. Human Appetite

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On Eternal Flight Pegataur forges classic metal, doom, and noiserock into an irresistible alloy of hard rock mayhem. Each track showcases the beast at its best whether wallowing in the sludgy depths of stoner rock excess, galloping with thrash like intensity, or flying high again on the wings of pyrotechnic guitar work harkening back to the golden age of heavy metal. Though clearly rooted in the tradition of heavy music, Eternal Flight rewards those who can hang on with a surprisingly sweet pop center. Even in the depths of rocking the fuck out, Pegataur still pour enough sugar on their hooks to convert the non-believers.

Of nearly equal importance is the hand illustrated fold-out cover art for the limited edition CD (only 500 copies available via bandcamp) which forms a complete microcosm of the Eternal Flight universe . Orbiting around the Pegataur seal are 11 sigils for the tracks and a 12th king sigil to bind and rule the album as a whole. Utilizing techniques employed by such famed Renaissance occultists as Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim and Dr. John Dee, each song title and corresponding sigil were generated by custom software (written by guitarist Eric Murray) that correlates the musical structure of each track with the many esoteric traditions in which Pegataur is initiated. It is suggested that the neophyte concentrate on each sigil as the song plays while holding the song title firmly in their mind to further their studies.