FOR-001 :: Stay Gold Pony Boy
1. Bad Team
2. Communist Parties
3. Dukes of Fuck
4. ESP
5. Lady Nowhere
6. Midnight Frankenstein
7. Ourobourus the Alchemist
8. Rick James Hostage Crisis
9. Sword of Testaeklys
10. Tony Coca's Revenge

Stay Gold Pony Boy - Stay Gold Pony Boy

Stay Gold Pony Boy, the clown princes of noiserock. Once a staple of the Oakland, CA underground party scene, SGPB brought a unique twist to the time tested formula of heavy guitars, wild bass, and thunderous drums. Their music is simultaneously humorous yet disturbing, full of joy yet boiling over with angst, juvenile yet intellectually challenging. Most importantly, it is rocking and fun as all hell.

Known for a legendary live show involving skits and costumes, there is a high sense of drama in all that SGPB does. Once described as "a particularly inspired D&D session" (S.F. Bay Guardian) their self-titled LP flows like an absurdist journey through the mind's eye of a teenage boy. From the opening battle cry of "Bad Team", through the fantastic tag team romp of "Midnight Frankenstein", to the tragic last stand of "Tony Coca's Revenge" we find ourselves caught up in the cinematic grandeur of a truly unique musical vision. A highly enjoyable listen from a band that takes themselves seriously enough to not take anything seriously.