FOR-004 :: Boyjazz - Unlimited Nights & Weekends

1. Woman Come to Man
2. 45 in the Ashtray
3. Woman in Love
4. She’s Got Gold
5. The Monsters Are Smarter
6. Pocket Unicorn
7. Hot on the Phone
8. Danger, Danger
9. Treat Streamin’
10. Booze

Unlimited Nights & Weekends - Buy Now!

In 2006 Boyjazz went into Louder Studios to record their follow up album, the first to feature the now infamous live band. The result was Unlimited Nights & Weekends. Recorded and mixed all analog to tape by rock mastermind Tim Green, this collection of 10 original tracks showcases the boys in hi-fi majesty with all of the drama, power, and good times that only Boyjazz can deliver.

Unfortunately few heard the fruits of their labor. Due to delays and label woes Unlimited Nights & Weekends was shelved indefinitely . . . until today!

For Once Records is proud to finally release this buried treasure in pay-what-you-want download and 500 copy limited edition vinyl pressing! You heard right, Boyjazz's first and only vinyl release. Enjoy your 'jazz the way nature intended, with liner notes by Tim Green and old school LP jacket by Ronnie Shapiro. Don't miss out on your piece of rock'n'roll history because when these are gone, they're gone!

Vinyl Edition Includes:

  • Free download code
  • Liner notes by producer Tim Green
  • Old school LP jacket design by Ronnie Shapiro