FOR-003 :: Repeat After Me - From The Mountaintop

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1. Radio Doctor
2. End Up in Your Arms
3. Youngblood
4. Champagne

5. Gimme What You've Got
6. I Don't Want to Work Anymore

7. Every Music Has Its Moment
8. Friday Night
9. In the Cool of the Night
10. Singapore
11. When the Summer Comes
12. Hollywood Valentine
13. Get Up On Your Feet

Hearkening back to the golden days of 70's AM Radio, Repeat After Me's From The Mountaintop offers a treasure trove of classic song-writing, vocal harmony, and instrumental prowess well worth the trek. Recorded live and completely analog to 2" tape, this is an album that draws from the past while looking to the future.

The opener "Radio Doctor" bounces with the antsy energy of a classic Elvis Costello romp while "End Up in Your Arms" owes a clear debt to the early Beatles. All the same, standout tracks like "Champagne" and "Singapore" defy easy categorization and show us that the boys are interested in contributing to the rock pantheon rather than simply bowing before it in reverence. They've done their homework and now it's time to do some teaching of their own.

Available in limited 300 copy Vinyl Edition (w/free download code) as well as Digital Download via Bandcamp