Q: I'm an individual, where can I buy your records?

The best place to order our releases online is the For Once Records Bandcamp Store. Be sure to also check the "Available Formats:" section on each release page. For physical records we suggest asking your local record store for them. Why? Well it is great to support your local record store and also helps us get the word out that about the label!

Q: I'm a record store, how can we stock your records?

We sell and consign directly to stores. Please email us for more info. Some releases area also distributed through Revolver USA/Midheaven.

Q: Do you accept submissions?

Yes we do and we even listen to them! If you would like to submit some work for considertaion please email us with a description of your band and a link to your myspace page or some audio samples. Please do not attach MP3's in your message. This fills up our spamhole which is not only uncomfortable but pretty much ensures that we will hate you forever.

Q: What is the For Once email list?

The For Once email list is a very low impact email list for those interested in our releases. By low impact we mean that we only email you when a new release has been confirmed and then on the day when it is actually released. That is all. This is just a list to alert you when we have new releases coming out. No weekly, monthly, or even yearly email if there is nothing to be said. Of course you can unsubscribe any time you want. We promise to be gentle.

Q: How do I unsubscribe to the For Once email list?

Just send an email here with "Unsubscribe" in the Subject: field. If you are sending from a different email address than what is signed up please let us know which address to unsubscribe.

Q: Do you only release Rock and Roll?

No, we are interested in all styles of music. We just release music that (we think) is awesome. If your music is awesome then get in touch with us because that is the kind of music we like.

Q: What is the best way to contact For Once Records?

The best, and currently only, way to contact us is via email.