FOR-005 :: Repeat After Me - Mapmaker

1. Mapmaker
2. I'm Going Back
3. Dial Me up
4. San Francisco
5. Grass Valley
6. The Volcano
7. You Can't Go Back
8. Carve Out a Name
9. The Canal

Mapmaker - Buy Now!

Repeat After Me returns from the AM goldmines with some tasty nuggets on their sophomore effort Mapmaker. The result of nearly two years of recording and writing, Mapmaker showcases a more polished yet nuanced sound with the help of analog meister Tim Green behind the mixing board. Available in digital as well as limited edition clear vinyl package which includes crayons to color the cover in with! For more details visit RAM's Bandcamp Store

Vinyl Limited Edition Includes:

  • Digital download
  • Pack of crayons to color in map on the cover
  • Clear vinyl

"The band [has] done something particularly noteworthy on this record. Namely, they have taken all the best elements of 70's rock, stripped away the pretense and overindulgence, and remade it stylistically into a stunning contemporary album."
- Floorshine Zipper Boots

"Drawing influences from indie rock pioneers, the album blends tight harmonies with powerful instrumentals to create an album with unexpected musical depth. "
- The Jangle Box

"This album is full of nostalgia which will bring to mind various periods in your life, yet is still very much in the 21st century. It has a feeling of familiarity to the complete album, like putting on an old comfortable t-shirt, yet it is all totally new."
- Bearly Rambling